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Arriving at the Island

Antiparos is a tiny island just a five minute ferry ride from the much larger Poros Island which we passed on our way to Santorini. On our British Air flight one of the attendants had suggested we not miss Antiparos if we were looking for something truly lovely and a little out of the way. He wasn't wrong at the time, though things were already changing.

American actor, Tom Hanks and his wife of Greek heritage, Rita Wilson, bought property on the island and were in the process of building something Hollywoodesque. It was assumed that their notoriety would bring a new level of tourism to the island and already construction of vacation homes and a renovation of the small town had begun. For good or ill, the economy of this tiny island is going to boom -- at least for a while.

Leaving Mykonos after a very brief stay, we decided to take a look at Antiparos. Getting off the ferry at Poros we made our leisurely way to the bus depot about a block or so away from the dock. After waiting only twenty minutes we boarded the bus to the dock for Antiparos where we found a small ferry waiting to take us across the narrow channel. For just a dollar or two we had crossed the large island and the channel to find ourselves in the tiny town of Antiparos. The harbor was lovely, chock a block with fishing boats and resting tourist boats. Summer would be coming soon.

We walked through the shore lined area of town town looking for the night's accommodations and soon found ourselves happily settled in at the Hotel George, a very low key place pictured below.

That evening we wandered the town looking first for the bakery and then finding a very authentic Greek restaurant where Mom was hard at work in the kitchen. Restaurants owned by foreigners would only be opening when the "season" got underway.

Rising early the next morning we enjoyed coffee on the patio overlooking the harbor and later rented a car to take a closer look at the island.

Not too far along in our travels we spied some of the very recent foreign development. It looked pretty tasteful as these things go.

Lunch time arrived soon and was terrific. Not only could we see the fishing boats offshore, we could see the freshly caught octopus drying right in front of the restaurant. Food doesn't get fresher!

Leaving with appetites well satisfied we headed off for even less developed areas of Antiparos.

I wondered why there would be so many little churches which seemed to far out number the possible parishioners, but that seems not uncommon in Greece.

Returning to town we enjoyed yet another evening with good food and wine and the smell of salt air. The sounds of the boats at anchor in the harbor tinkled us to sleep. The next day we spent wandering the town, stopping often to admire gardens or architecture and all the little details that make Greece such a pleasure to explore.