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We returned to Athens after a a few weeks of being captivated by the Greek Islands -- Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos and Antiparos. Soon we'd be on our way to Corfu, but for almost a week this would be our base.

As usual we had no reservations in the city, but for good or ill we met another couple on the ferry who were very enthusiastic about a little hotel they had found right in the city center. In the end, it wasn't what we were hoping for, but it would do for the short time we'd be in the city. Let it always be said when traveling, trust your first instincts when you meet folks.

We settled in and soon were out walking the streets where dining seemed to be the major event of the day. There were dozens of appealing options just a block away from our hotel. We picked one almost on the toss of a coin and met the chef below on the left who gave us his wonderful recipe for tzatziki the wonderful Greek accompaniment to so many foods.




Waking early the next day we decided to simply explore the city.  We taxied to the Botanical Garden which turned out to be more of a huge city park than a garden, but while there we took in the changing of the guard just across the street. Something must have been afoot as the press was everywhere.

Then we headed for Plaka, the market area, and the adjacent older residential area of the city. Everything seemed to be in a state of decline or renewal that we found intriguing. We bought a Greek flag to add to our collection and marveled at how available they were compared to our visits in so many other countries. With good reason, Greeks are proud of their country and their heritage.


The next days we devoted to the Acropolis as well they should have been. It is astounding.

We got there just at the opening hour and had the site almost to ourselves until the tour groups got themselves organized. Our experience of the Acropolis changed markedly as the hoards arrived in order to have their pictures taken in front of something the folks back home would recognize.


Much of the site appears as marble rubble as extensive restoration project is underway.


The new museum at the site will be exquisite providing a perfect setting for sculptures such as those below. True to Greek style the architecture is marvelous and it is being built just as Britain has refused to return the Elgin art collection they essentially stole from Greece. The completed museum will be in part a wonderful and not so silent protest for all the world to see.

As is often said, the devil is in the details. Maybe the first person to say it was Greek!

Whether being in the smaller temples or looking outward to the city below, the Acropolis is something you will never forget.

Below are your trustworthy travel guides, Kathleen & Stassi.